Girl Crush: Brigitte Lessard-Deyell

Girl Crush: Brigitte Lessard-Deyell

Who: Brigitte Lessard-Deyell, serial entrepreneur, fireball, and a tireless champion for women. Founder of Women Talk.

Why I crush: Brigitte has balls. She has jumped out of an airplane, she has played hockey, hard, and she casts a giant shadow wherever she goes.  She has a huge heart and just wants to bring women together. She has a mission, and is forging ahead like a bull in a china shop. Get out of her way or join the ride.

1st Impression Confession: I did not like Brigitte the first time I met her, but I really wanted to. It was in the early stages of Women Talk, and it was still forming itself. Truthfully, I thought “What the hell am I doing here?”, but I watched Women Talk grow and thrive and stayed open-minded. I’m glad I did.

The Wrap: Don’t let her DGAF (don’t give a fuck) attitude scare you. She is capable of compassion and gives great hugs. I think “can’t” is not part of her vernacular.

Bonus Content: I’ll be speaking at Women Talk Okotoks on May 15. The title of my talk is Finding my Gold Bikini.

Know someone I should crush on?  Let me know.

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