Girl Crush: Christina Rowsell

Girl Crush: Christina Rowsell

Who: Christina Rowsell, radio host, voice artist, feel-good storyteller.

Why I crush: Christina never stops. She is vibrant, full of energy, and funny as heck. I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with her where I didn’t pee my pants a little. 

1st Impression Confession: I met Christina when she was co-founder of  Brighter Business Empower, a Calgary-based networking/learning group. She scared me a little. Most because her elocution was perfect and her voice projected. I did not know she was in radio at the time, but I knew I wanted to know her better.

The Wrap: Christina has been in radio long enough that we can talk about the old days of reel-to-reel and tapes. But she knows way more  about that than I ever will. It’s nice to have Christina’s voice keeping me (and my dog) company

Know someone I should crush on?  Let me know.

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