Girl Crush: Jaime Wedholm

Girl Crush: Jaime Wedholm

Who: Jaime Wedholm, brilliant graphic designer, brand champion, and small business ambassador.

Why I crush: I have had the good fortune to watch Jaime’s business grow over the last 4 years, and kind of feel like I am part of her story. Jaime is relentlessly positive, except when she’s had a few glasses of wine. She’s still positive, just with more swear words. I am proud to call her my colleague and lucky to call her my friend.

1st Impression Confession: I had completely forgotten where and when I met Jaime. Fortunately, Jaime did remember where we met – at a networking event at the restaurant in Ikea. When she reminded me of that, I started to have an inkling of a memory of a quiet and shy woman. We didn’t speak to each other that day, but connected at another event later that same year. It was a quiet start to a beautiful relationship.

The Wrap: When Jaime filmed her first video with ChicFlicks, she was so nervous, I really thought she was going to be sick. She stuck with it, worked through her fear and conquered. She is just a diligent in her work, not giving up until the client is not only satisfied, but happy.

Bonus Content: The outtake reel.

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