Girl Crush: Lisa Hetrick

Girl Crush: Lisa Hetrick

Who: Lisa Hetrick, artist, muse, Instagram darling. Bringer of colour, light and happiness into your life.

Why I crush: Lisa amazes me daily. Her Instagram posts deliver a bit of sunshine to me every day. She shares her art and her technique, and that makes me appreciate the effort that goes into everything she creates.

1st Impression Confession: I have not met Lisa IRL. We were connected online through Katie Krimitsos and the Biz Women Rock Academy. Shortly after I signed up and after a virtual meet n greet, Lisa sent me a wonderful gift in the form her handmade inspirational deck. I was blown away by the gesture.

The Wrap: Lisa continues to amaze me. Her business is evolving and growing as she adds new offerings. One day, I will ask her to create a commission piece so I can have happy colours in my space.

Bonus Content: Lisa faithfully shows up on to watch my Facebook Live videos. She doesn’t know it, but I find myself mentally addressing her personally when I am recording.

Know someone I should crush on?  Let me know.

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