Girl Crush: Rada Chalfin

Girl Crush: Rada Chalfin

Who: Rada Chalfin, fashion-forward, closet-cleaning, style consultant who will cull your closet, telling you to toss that sweater from 2001.  Rada knows the rules of fashion aren’t one size fits all.

Why I crush: Rada has such great energy and her videos on the Style U Best Facebook page make sense to anyone who watches them. Rada has no fear about telling it like it is, but she genuinely wants every woman to embrace her shape and wear only the clothes that suit her best. Her accent is charming, and reminiscent of my childhood, where I was surrounded by string women who spoke Russian.

1st Impression Confession: I first met Rada at a women’s business networking event. It was a Saturday morning, and I was still working my way to the bottom of my coffee cup. Rada swept into the gathering area of the Chinook Microsoft wearing something big and red and clearly not off the rack, something I would NEVER have the guts to wear. But she owned it and was completely confident with herself.

The Wrap: Rada and I had a conversation that morning about video. She told me she felt uncomfortable about her accent and felt it was a barrier to connecting with women online. I told her that was nonsense, that her accent was part of the show and it was endearing. I told her to stop being afraid and just do it. She listened, and within a couple of weeks, I saw the first video pop up on Facebook. Within months, Rada had built a significant following and I watch all her videos. Her advice is solid, and applicable to every woman, regardless of size or style.

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