Girl Crush: Velva Dawn

Girl Crush: Velva Dawn

Who: Velva Dawn Silver, goddess healer and teacher, a beacon to all those in the light, angel and goddess healing realm.

Why I crush: Velva Dawn has been through so many challenges in the few years that I have known her, and she has overcome every single one – as she would say – with ease and grace. Velva Dawn is genuine, caring and easy to be around. She has a collection of women around her who she wholeheartedly supports and who love her equally in return. 

1st Impression Confession: My first encounter with Velva Dawn happened over the phone. I had been told about her intuitive abilities, but I wasn’t quite on board. I wasn’t really a believer in all that kind of stuff, but Velva Dawn changed my mind – and freaked me out – when she echoes my thoughts, repeating back to me something specific that had popped into my head. Creeped me out and hooked me in at the same time.

The Wrap: I have had the glorious pleasure of working with Velva Dawn on a number of projects. For the last two years, I have filmed the day at Shine, a one-day event of inspiration, activities and healing. I have met many women in the circle – reiki masters, angel goddesses, light healers, goddess teachers – and have had my eyes (and my third eye) opened to the possibilities in the universe.

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