Girl Crush: Yvonne Laanstra

Girl Crush: Yvonne Laanstra

Who: Yvonne Laanstra, certified in many things including colour co-ordinating, interior decorating and home staging. In short, she can make ugly seem glorious and harmonious (my words, btw). Realtors love her for her staging finesse.  

Why I crush: Yvonne is a lovely person, right through to her core. She continually surprises me with her fearless approach to anything she sets her mind to. She is a dreamer and a doer, and she inspires me daily. She jumps on board with all my crazy ideas and has been a supporter since the day we met. And here is a secret: Yvonne journals like no one I have ever known. She doesn’t write down her memories, she paints them in watercolour. And these watercolour stories are brilliant.

1st Impression Confession: I first met Yvonne at a women’s business event. She scared me a little with her direct approach, but I knew there was something more to her. She had an infectious smile and a positive energy that just radiated from her.

The Wrap: Yvonne jumped on board when I launched the ChicFlicks Daily Video Challenge and never stopped. She incorporates video into her business and has truly embraced the medium. Video has helped her business grow and has been a great way for people to see what she does. Yvonne has so many great ideas when it comes to staging and she has amazing things on the horizon. I can’t talk about them. You’ll have to wait for the videos.


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